The fabulous and mythical Country of Ethiopia has exercised since the earliest times a real fascination on the minds of Mediterranean people intrigued to discover the secrets of this unknown land.

The country we know as Ethiopia has been, since ancient times, the country of fabulous and mysterious wealthy kingdoms, the land of Punt which, for the ancient Egyptians, gave birth to their gods. In the north, the kingdom of Axum arose in the classical period, linked culturally to Near Eastern and Mediterranean Civilization. This land became in the early in the Middle Ages, a 'terra incognita', home to many monks and mystics who give birth in their inaccessible mountains, to one of the oldest Christian nations in the world. The medieval imagination placed on these highlands the mythical kingdom of Prester John.

Today, the extraordinary heritage of the country has become accessible to travelers and cultural tourism in good conditions. Archaeological sites recalling the Queen of Sheba and the greatness of the kingdom of Axum, the extraordinary monolithic churches of Lalibela and Tigray, the castles of Gondar, the secrets of the islands of Lake Tana with their churches populated by monks, all of this, combined with the great kindness of the people of Ethiopia, gives the motivated traveler one of the last opportunities for a real discovery. The country is vast and full of contrasts: Highlands giving birth to the Blue Nile and other big rivers, the deep Danakil depression and the Great Rift Valley. The country offers the traveler a constantly changing and always spectacular landscape and a great variety of peoples, languages and traditions.

The proposed tours will not offer only the visit of the archaeological and historical sites of the ancient christian kingdom of Ethiopia, but also the discovery of an unusual and stunning geography, a great ethnic and cultural diversity.