The struggle to create a new positive image of Ethiopia since 1991

Our activities in Ethiopia started when famous French volcanologist Haroun Tazieff asked us to organize the logistic for a television documentary on the Erta Ale volcano, in the Afar Region. This first fascinating expedition in this still largely unknown country, made us aware of its enormous cultural Heritage and tourist potential.

Travels and expeditions
Hundreds of trips in Ethiopia studying its geography, geology and principally its so fascinating History, traveling on foot, with mules and donkeys caravans, by car or with Air Force helicopters and small planes.

Many years spent in the Afar Region, in cooperation with several Researches Institutes, Universities, various Television and Radio Channels. In cooperation with the Afar Government, organizing scientific missions in the Danakil Region, opening new itineraries.

Scientific missions
Attract and organize the logistic for scientific missions with the French “Institut de Physique du Globe” (IPG) Paris, the Universities of Udine (Italy), Strasbourg, Grenoble, Isle of Reunion (France), London, Oxford (England), Space and Earth Institute of the University of Washington, Houston (USA), the Geneva’s Volcanology Society (SVG).

Films, Documentaries, Television and Radio reportages
Attract and organize films production in cooperation with French Television (TF1, France 2, France 3, La Cinq, M6, Gaumont Films), English Television (3 films with the BBC and one in 2009 with the participation of NASA), Discovery Channel, American CNBS, Walta and Ethiopian Television, French and Swiss Radio programs.

- ETHIOPIE, cultural Guide edited by OLIZANE – Geneva (6th edition March 2010)
- LUMIERES D’ETHIOPIE, photographer Marco Paoluzzo, texts by Luigi Cantamessa
- Well-known magazines as GEO (France and Germany), ANIMAN, GHI (Geneva), Smithsonian Institute of Washington traveling with Luigi Cantamessa, published articles on Ethiopia
- ETHIOPIE - L’aube du Monde, first brochure on Ethiopia published in 2010 by Géo-Découverte SA Geneva

Photographic reportages
Organization of expeditions for well-known photographs
- Sebastiaò SALGADO, Brazilian photographer, 3 months around the country to realize a most important reportage for UNESCO
- Frank CHARTON, French photographer (article in ANIMAN Magazine and other French Magazines
- Olivier GRÜNWALD, French photographer, made several photographic expeditions to Danakil Region
- Régis ETIENNE, Swiss cineaste and photographer, realized several films and published “GAIA”, a pictures book on Erta Ale and Dallol Region
- Luigi Cantamessa performed a photographic coverage and printed six thousand postcards for the Tourism Office of the Afar Regional State

Photographic Exhibitions
- 2007: Geneva International Books Exhibition. Géo-Découverte SA organized an “Ethiopian Scriptorium”, with the participation of three Ethiopian Priests, writing manuscripts and carving icons, exposing many religious art and handicrafts objects
- 2009 : « Nigra sum sed formosa » (with reference to the Queen of Sheba), exhibition on Ethiopian Religious Art, at Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice (Italy)
- 2006 and 2010: Exhibitions on Volcanoes at Musée d’Histoire Naturelle, Geneva

- University of Geneva - Geographical Society of Geneva - Musée du Comité Olympique International CIO, Lausanne - Brussels (Belgium), Govone (Italy)
- Several lectures to the Travel Agents and Tour Operators Associations on “Ethiopia, destination for the future”

Motivate and concern the tourists coming to Ethiopia through the Tour Operator Géo-Découverte SA in Geneva to contribute to the realization of several projects as:
- Schools: Six classrooms in Lalibela and a complete primary school in Degolo for 900 pupils
- Other contributions, material and furniture, for schools in Naakuto Lab, Bilbala, Kulmesk, Korkor and others
- Reconstruction of the roof of Maryam Quorar’s church in Tigray, destroyed by fire.
- Obtain financial support from French Television for the “Women Association of Abune Yoseph”