About Us

The struggle to create a new positive image of Ethiopia

Chorra-Tours is a family-owned business that traces its roots back to a forty years intensive traveling and studying trips in Africa. Today, Chorra Tours is one of the leading Tour Operators in East Africa and especially in Ethiopia. Thanks to a number of professional cooperators, Chorra Tours provides unparalleled service to its clientele.

Why choose Chorra Tours to discover Ethiopia?

- Best Overall Value

Chorra Tours will provide you both valuable pricing and unparalleled customer service. Your trip will be planned from beginning to end by an expert.

- Hassle-Free vacation planning

Chorra Tours makes vacation planning easy by eliminating all of the footwork for you helping you to arrange a wonderful vacation package based on your individual needs and desires

- Experience in Ethiopia - 20 Years of passion

Hundreds of trips in Ethiopia studying its geography, geology and principally its so fascinating History

Many years spent in the Afar Region, in cooperation with the Afar Government and several Researches Institutes

Opening new itineraries in the Danakil Region.

Scientific missions
Films, Documentaries, Television and Radio channels
Photographic reportages
Photographic Exhibitions
Contributions for schools construction